Performance Testing

Are you eager to know the scalability of your application or product? Concerned that your prospective customers won't be satisfied without an explicit benchmark data when considering your application?

Innover offers comprehensive outsourced performance testing services for automated test suites designed to assess system response times to various user actions and measure product functionality in controlled environments. We design test strategies, re-create user environments, and generate test reports all tailored to your unique specifications; our knowledgeable architects will work with you to define project scope, objectives, and strategies to suit.
Innover maintains an extensive range of hardware and software resources, allowing us to create the appropriate test environment for our customers. While the testing environment can vary from simple to complex, our dedicated network and labs are capable of simulating even the most catastrophic end-user scenarios and our experienced staff has expertise in the latest performance testing technologies, including:

  • OpenSTA
  • WCAT (Web Capacity Analysis Tool)
  • Loadrunner
  • Rational Performance Tester
Software Product Testing Offerings
Software Testing Outsourcing
Innover software outsourcing services offer cost-effective, multilingual, off-shore testing alternatives for customers looking to maximize return on their engineering investments.

Leveraging an innovative client-vendor partnership model, our testing team becomes an integral part of the client's development process and enables our customers to achieve higher efficiency in their overall development process, avoiding rework, significantly shortening time to market, and cutting costs.
Test Automation

Today's product development teams are under mounting pressure to deliver increasingly sophisticated products more rapidly resound and with fewer resources.
Test automation is a powerful method that leverages automated test scripts to perform repetitive tasks that can bog down development teams, dramatically improve product development efficiencies, decreasing product cycling time, and detecting quality regression issues.

Innover outsourced test automation teams can help customers build automated test harnesses and create automation test scripts that extend legacy test framework by utilizing commercial or open source tools and framework. From build verification to GUI and API functionality testing, Innover's comprehensive Test Automation Services save customers' time and money. Our capabilities include:

  • Automation test strategies
  • Sourcing and implementation, or development, of automation tools and test harnesses
  • Repeatable, deterministic, and robust test script case design and development
  • Continuous design of build and deployment or integration processes and API unit test for Agile development
  • Routine maintenance and expansion of test codes, scripts and harnesses