Mobile Development

This client is a California-based Financial Services and Consulting firm and specializes in providing cost savings opportunities to businesses.
Innover started engagement with this client from Jan. 2008.

Financial Services Industry – Mobile CRM solution for Financial Services industry
Service Line
Development, Quality Assurance, System Testing
Project Description/
1. The client is a financial consulting company and would like to build a Mobile CRM solution to improve work efficiency for their consultants and customers; better manage customer data; and automate their customer interactions and information collection process.
2. However, they have limited budget for development, a tight release schedule and many platforms (OS) to support.
Number Staff
1 Onsite (US) 5 Offshore
Business Outcome
1. Successfully completed three releases so far and every release has been aligned with client's requirements on schedule and features, and platforms that need to be certified on.
2. Achieved dramatic cost saving and every project is within planned budget so far.
3. Increased efficiency for their customers and dramatically increased customer satisfaction rate.
4. Increased customer response rate by 160% with improved data collection speed and quality.