Information Technology Staffing

Innover provides clients with a leading level of customized IT staffing services. Backed by the highest level of expertise in the business, we provide clients with quality, pre-screened IT professionals on a consistent basis. Our service includes onsite IT Programming, Localization, Testing, and Support. The charge and billing rate also brings clients comprehensive benefits.

IT Staffing Content
Talent development is fundamental for enterprise development in the information era. Staffing has become the vital factor for the success of enterprise businesses. Competition is continuously increasing between companies, coinciding with the rapid economic development. To enhance competitiveness, more and more companies focus on their core business and outsource other businesses to a third party professional company, which enables the dramatic enhancement of their competitive edge and risk resistance capacity.

Staffing is the most common service in outsourcing services. Innover sends onsite staff to our customers’ site and/or assigns dedicated off-site staff working on their projects based on their requests. Our customers only manage these staff on business side, while Innover handles all other management work including recruitment, training, and assessment. Innover minimizes the cost of management and manpower for our customers while maximizing their benefits.
Innover has a rich experience in IT staffing service area. We have abundant talent pools all over the world especially in China. Our recruiting professionals in Innover can help enterprises get various technology-oriented talents very quickly:
  • Java Developer
  • .net/C# Developer
  • C/C++ Developer
  • Database Developer
  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Performance Test Engineer
  • Functional Test Engineer
  • Localization Test Engineer
Innover can also provide all other kinds of development and quality management talents.
Innover can provide orientation training for employees before hiring and focus on building up talent pools together with customers. Customers can now have people on board on time at peak time or have to settle down idle personnel at wave trough.
Staff is the most important asset of a company and is the core of outsourcing services. Innover has a dedicated staff caring team to ensure onsite staff is stable to provide the highest value to customers. Additionally, the dedicated service team for customers will also provide professional consulting services on HR structure.