Flexible Engagment Model

Delivery Models

We offer Flex Shore Delivery Models to provide clients with a mix of local on-site, onshore, offshore, dual site, Offshore Development Center (ODC), and Offshore Quality Center (OQC) options. The customer's project is completed using the most appropriate combination of one, some, or all of these delivery models based on unique needs.

Low cost options and high quality solutions are the cornerstones of Innover's superior service. Choose the approach that works best for your project and Innover does the rest.

ODC (Offshore Development Center) / OQC (Offshore Quality Center)

One of the key challenges facing software development managers today is how to reduce the cost of developing and testing software while maintaining consistent quality. ODC/OQC offers clients the ability to achieve both.

Innover's offshore testing center consists of a dedicated pool of software testing professionals who form a virtual extension of the client's development team. In addition, our offshore testing centers enable clients to scale their development teams, both in size and expertise.
The major difference with ODC/OQC is that the client owns the facility and Innover manages the team. At Innover, we believe ODC/OQC is the next stage of software QA outsourcing.

Offshore BOT (Build - Operate - Transfer)

As China's economy continues to grow, multinationals are entering China to setup subsidiaries to support their global operations. Based on cultural and regional differences, new China subsidiaries may fall short of their strategic and tactical potential. Innover helps multinationals solve this problem by equipping them domestic and international experience they need to rapidly and efficiently scale up their operations. The Build-Operate-Transfer model offers clients the benefits of IT outsourcing with the strategic advantages of an overseas subsidiary. Some of the benefits of the BOT model are:

  • Rapid scaling of IT operations
  • Full control over resources
  • Full control over operations upon transfer
  • Ability to complement or fill in service/business gaps
  • Lower setup costs due to Innover's understanding of cultural issues, local laws and regulations, infrastructure procurement costs, and security
Offshore + Onshore
offshore development center

While most of the testing tasks can be outsourced to our OTC in China, the nature of some projects involve intense collaboration or interaction on a continual basis. In such cases, an on-site presence can be maintained.

The on-site manager works at the customer's site and coordinates the project between the Offshore Development Center (ODC) and the customer. This on-site presence may range from a single individual to an entire project services team, depending on the size, scope and complexity of the project.

ODC setup

The demand for offshore outsourced testing services is increasing as firms are sending projects offshore in the hopes of saving money, reducing time-to-market, improving their testing processes, and improving quality. The benefits of offshore outsourcing can be realized through selectively outsourcing of key activities and carefully selecting the best vendor to meet the client's needs. Offshore testing itself is best approached incrementally as clients expand their use as they experience success, moving from staff augmentation to a share services model and gradually beginning to use offshore resources for more complex projects. 

Innover offshore development and testing centers consist of a dedicated group of software professionals who form a virtual extension of the client's development team. In addition, offshore centers enable clients to scale their development teams, both in size and expertise.


Our on-site model is the perfect choice for those who wish to manage their own project but need experienced staff to assist. This model allows managers to bring in qualified Innover professionals to fill in short-term or long-term software development/testing needs.

Innover can also supply complete on-site teams with project managers, development/testing leaders, and development/testing engineers to function as an additional development team.