Oracle Siebel CRM and Analytics

This client is a world-famous direct selling company and manufacturer that uses network marketing to sell a variety of products, primarily in the health, beauty, and home care markets.
Innover started working with this client from Sept. 2008.

Manufacturing and Distribution
Oracle Products
OBIEE; and BI Apps (Supply Chain Analytics)
Project Description
1. For years the client has been struggling with generating business insights, increasing bargaining power, reducing costs and improving efficiency that are necessary to meet the business needs from huge volume of data.

2. In 2008, the client initiated the OBIEE-based Supply Chain Analytics project to analyze supply chain data from various sources to achieve the above stated goals.
Technology / Platform
Siebel BI Applications
- Procurement Analytics
- Spending Analytics
- Supplier Performance Analytics
- 10 brand-new completely customized analytical subject areas
Business Outcome
  1. Provided a complete 360˚-view of Suppliers, including score card on quality, price, and on-time delivery rate, purchase history, pricing trend, capacity, etc.

  2. Reduced cost by indentifying the most qualified vendors by predefined criteria, segmentation and analysis of past performance data, increasing bargaining power, and reducing DMDO loss.

  3. Improved operation efficiency by streamlining procurement process, reducing various supply chain process lead times, reducing supplier response time, quantifying on-time performance, and enabling quick identification and correction of abnormal behaviors.

  4. Improved overall quality of goods received by quantifying quality ratings and enabling quick identification and correction of causes of defective goods.

Manufacturing and Distribution
Oracle Products
Project Description
1. After the successful implementation of Procurement Analytics, the client started a new initiative to analyze its Sales, Sales Force, Return, Coupon and Referral, etc. to gain further competitive advantages on the market.

2. This project is based on the same hardware, software and technology stack as the previous procurement project.

3. The resulting data warehouse is multi-terabyte in size.
Technology / Platform
Oracle BIEE only – no BI Apps
Business Outcome
  1. Increased Sales Effectiveness
    Better pipeline visibility enables focus on better selling opportunities.
    Manage sales performance and replicate best practices.

  2. Deepened Customer Relationships
    Cross-sell more effectively with visibility into most-likely purchases.

  3. Improved Forecast Accuracy
    Forecast more accurately with better visibility into the pipeline and order linearity.

  4. Improved Marketing & Sales Effectiveness
    Better visibility to adjust campaigns mid-stream for both direct customers and partners.