Innover provides clients world leading end-to-end mobile development and testing solutions. It includes design, development, and quality assurance testing for mobile devices and mobile applications based on latest mobile technologies and platforms.

Mobile Technology Services Offerings

New Product Mobile Technology

The requirements for reliable mobile devices and applications have become ever more competitive. In this new environment, mobile manufacturers and operators are facing a complex equation. They not only need to factor in a growing number of network technologies (GSM, CDMA, TD-CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, WIFI, WAPI, Bluetooth) and competing operating systems (Symbian, Android, MS Windows Mobile, OMS, Brew and more), but also the ever-longer list of the dizzying diversification of mobile services.
Innover Mobile Services Center offers mobile developing and testing services to simplify the needs of the telecom carrier, handset manufacturers, applications developers and service providers. We provide proven services in different fields:
Mobile Product Development
  • OS/Driver Layer Development
    • Board Support Package (BSP) of Marvell, Qualcomm and Freescale
    • Camera driver and application integration
    • Peripherals integration for BT, WiFi, USB, FM
  • Middleware Layer Development
    • Android Framework customization and maintenance
    • Telephony manager and RIL implementation for W/G/C including dual-mode
    • Power management tuning on customer’s hardware
    • Multimedia player customization and enhancement with new codec
  • Application Layer Development
    • Application/Widget development on Symbian, Windows Mobile and Android platforms
    • UI customization for Browser, Contact, Phone, RSS Reader, File Manager etc.
Technology Service Mobile
Mobile Application Development
  • Mobile Solution Development
    • Develop applications and widgets such as weather report, phone location, stock index
    • Develop integrated mobile client for ICP and ISP
  • Mobile Enterprise Application Development
    • Design and develop mobile applications to meet specific business requirements on major smartphone platforms
  • Mobile Software Porting
    • Port software and applications onto Smartphone platforms
    • Customize or redesign software for new Smartphone platforms
Mobile Test Service
  • System Testing
    • Functional testing: protocol, feature and application
    • Non-function testing:  stress and performance testing
  • Application Testing
    • Functional testing
    • Compatibility testing
    • Pre-certification testing for 'Symbian Signed', 'Java Verified' and 'Mobile2Market' programs
    • More than 100 different models of phone sets covering all major platforms
  • Test Automation & Consulting
    • Tools selection and automation framework development
    • Quality assurance system design and implementation